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How to Housebreak a Puppy

You love your cute little puppy, but you also like your nicely cleaned carpets. With consistency and patience, you can have both.


  • Step 1: Get a crate Use a wire-frame crate that has only enough floor space for your dog to lie down and turn around. A dog will instinctively not soil his sleeping space.
  • Step 2: Put the puppy in crate when you can't watch him Put your puppy in the crate whenever you can't keep an eye on them. This will prevent accidents and speed the training process.
  • Step 3: Take them outside before and after crating Choose one spot in the yard where you'll take the puppy every time they need to go. Take them to this spot just before you put them in the crate and as soon as they are taken out.
  • TIP: A puppy can't hold it as long as an adult dog can, so let them out frequently.
  • Step 4: Go out 30 minutes after eating and after playing Go to your designated spot 30 minutes after your puppy eats and immediately after they have been playing or sleeping.
  • Step 5: Give a verbal command and reward if he goes Give your puppy a verbal command, such as "go pee." Reward them with a treat or praise. If they don't go within 15 minutes, put them back in the crate for 10 minutes. Then try again.
  • TIP: Keep a consistent schedule for feeding and going outside. This will help your dog learn the pattern and help you better predict when they need to go.
  • Step 6: Interrupt accidents and clean immediately Interrupt any accidents you may catch by loudly saying "no," and take your dog outside right away. Then clean up the mess using an enzymatic cleaner to neutralize odor and discourage future accidents.
  • Step 7: Increase the amount of time your dog spends out of the crate Let your dog have free time after they make a successful trip outside. Gradually increase how long they stay out, until your dog learns that doing business outside is best.
  • FACT: Did you know? In 2008, the American Kennel Club announced that Bear and Lady are the most popular male and female dog names.

You Will Need

  • A crate
  • Patience
  • Enzymatic cleaner

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