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How to Draw a Monster

Unleash your imagination and get ready for a monstrously fun drawing experience.


  • Step 1: Draw body and arms Draw an oval for the body. Add clawed arms on each side of the oval, positioning them at the oval's midpoint.
  • TIP: There are no rules when it comes to drawing monsters. You can create them large or small, fierce or funny, scaly or furry.
  • Step 2: Add tail Attach the right edge of a large U-shape to the body's right lower edge, just below the arm. Curve it upward and inward, then bring it back, connecting it to the oval's left side.
  • TIP: Always draw outer shapes before adding details.
  • Step 3: Add details Add one large or several small eyes at the center of the oval. Draw a mouth and add one or more triangles at the top of the head for horns.
  • Step 4: Apply imagination Use your imagination and add details, such as wings, scales, multiple arms, or a flaming jaw and sharp teeth.
  • Step 5: Erase guidelines Erase unwanted guidelines. One final tip – next time you open your closet, check for monsters, because you never know what might lurk in the shadows.
  • FACT: Frankenstein was Mary Shelley's answer to Lord Byron's challenge to her to write a ghost story.

You Will Need

  • A pencil
  • Paper
  • An eraser

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