How to Get Paid to Play Video Games

Put all your experience playing videos games to work—literally.

You will need

  • Video game expertise
  • Writing skills
  • Dedication
  • A degree in computer science

Step 1 Enter online tournaments Enter online tournaments, where you challenge other gamers for money. If you’re good, you could win your way to a spot in one of the professional tournaments, which pay big bucks (we’re talking five and six figures!).

Step 2 Get your foot in the door Apply to work in customer service for a video game company. Like starting in the mail room, an entry-level job like this could lead to a game-playing position.

Step 3 Get a job as a game tester Apply for a job as a video game tester with a manufacturer. You’ll need to be familiar with the many different games and consoles, and demonstrate you can clearly articulate your likes and dislikes.

Step 4 Write about video games Write about video games for a living, either by becoming a game reviewer or working for a publisher that prepares game guides.

Step 5 Become a game play expert Become a game play expert. These are people hired by game manufacturers to go around the country demonstrating new games.

Step 6 Become a software developer Become a software developer; in other words, create your own games.

Step 7 Work hard Whichever video game job you want, work hard. As you might imagine, the competition for these positions is intense.