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How to Look Hot While Playing "Rock Band"

If you want to look hot playing "Rock Band," you'll need to pick up some skills used by bona fide rock stars. A few game-related techniques couldn't hurt, either.


  • Step 1: Dress the part You're in a "Rock Band" band now, so it's time to dress the part. Break out the aviators, the leather, and the temporary tattoos.
  • Step 2: Apply decals Trick out your guitar or drum pads with appropriately fiendish decals. Choose symbols that are truly representative of your inner rock god.
  • Step 3: Be a girl Be female. After all, what's better than a hot chick kicking video game butt? A hot chick shredding a solo while kicking video game butt.
  • Step 4: Adjust your strap When you're playing guitar, using a strap that's too short is the equivalent of wearing pants that start at your pocket protector. Adjust the strap so the top edge of the guitar hangs against your pelvis, and jut your hip forward when you play.
  • Step 5: Revise your grip If you're on drums, hold the sticks correctly: balance the stick between your thumb and index finger, and loosely curl the rest of your fingers around it.
  • TIP: Learn to twirl the drumsticks like a real badass drummer. Choose one of the many techniques and practice, practice, practice.
  • Step 6: Adopt the appropriate stance when singing Grip the mic passionately with both hands. Contemplate it as though you're about to seduce it into a hard-core make-out session.
  • Step 7: Try a different way to pick Try adjusting the way you pick when you're playing the bass. Instead of using your thumb to slam the strum bar up and down, try gripping it with your thumb and index finger. You can even try a "walking bass" -- just alternate strumming with your index and middle finger.
  • Step 8: Take it easy Pick an easy level, and play confidently. The more you have a song down cold, the more you can focus on sexing up your performance.
  • Step 9: Freestyle Every song gives drummers and singers a few opportunities to freestyle for extra points. Practice soloing, and when it's your turn, show off your best moves and jam out.
  • TIP: Showing tongue is only appropriate if you're rocking like Gene Simmons, not because you're concentrating.
  • Step 10: Use overdrive to be a hero If one of your bandmates is having a rough go of it, you can activate the "overdrive" feature — either by hitting the appropriate guitar or bass notes, or freestyling on vocals or drums — to save them. Your awesome performance brings a failed friend back in the game, making you look doubly hot.
  • TIP: Other musicians should also add a flourish. Bassists and guitarists may play behind their heads, while drummers may throw their sticks, making sure not to hit any breakable items. Singers may gesticulate wildly, collapse, or do midair splits.
  • Step 11: Serenade a target Serenade a target. Singling out a specific fan and singing directly to them, or dedicating a solo to them, is an instant pass to score-town.
  • FACT: "Rock Band" allows you to adorn your character with tattoos designed by the greats, including body-art legend Sailor Jerry.

You Will Need

  • "Rock Band
  • The right clothes
  • Decals
  • Two X chromosomes

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