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How to Compete with a Video Game for Your Boyfriend's Attention

You know he cares more about you than his precious video games -- he just needs a little help showing it.


  • Step 1: Start with baby steps Start small — suggest you do something related to video games, like going to an arcade or a movie based on a game. Once you're out of the house, it'll be easier to get him to focus on other stuff — like you.
  • Step 2: Make everything into a game Make everyday tasks seem more like game playing. Increase the appeal of chores, meals, and other mutual endeavors by buying appliances with lots of bells and whistles, and setting time limits to add a sense of urgency.
  • Step 3: Scare him with a little lie Scare him with a little white lie. Get a mutual male friend to tell him that it's been reported that playing video games more than 20 minutes a day has been associated with erectile dysfunction.
  • Step 4: Challenge him to a competition Challenge him to real life competitions, like at the bowling alley or miniature golf course. Keep it interesting with high stake wagers.
  • TIP: If he leans towards games with guns, suggest you both try your hand at target practice or skeet shooting.
  • Step 5: Update your board games Lure him back to old-fashioned family board games by buying the new versions that incorporate electronics.
  • Step 6: Put on a costume Put on a Lara Croft costume. Just as Star Wars fans can’t resist a girl dressed like Princess Leia in a gold bikini, no video gamer can resist Lara Croft.
  • FACT: A study found that 8.5% of children eight to 18 are pathologically or clinically addicted to playing video games.

You Will Need

  • Scare tactics
  • Housework challenges
  • High tech appliances
  • A costume

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