How to Sing High Notes

Straining to hit high notes improperly can damage your vocal chords. Try these tips to reach for the top of the scale the right way.


  • Step 1: Practice "mixed voice" Practice singing scales in a "mixed voice," which is a balance between the chest voice – the normal speaking voice, and the head voice – a much higher register.
  • TIP: Singing high notes using only the chest voice can cause nodules and cysts to develop on the vocal chords.
  • Step 2: Visualize Visualize the note you are trying to reach in your head. Don't listen to the music or your voice. Instead, go by feel to reach a desired pitch.
  • Step 3: Use correct muscles Use the correct muscles for hitting high notes, which are the larynx and surrounding muscles, not the throat muscles used for swallowing.
  • TIP: Your larynx should be still while singing high notes. If you are using the wrong muscles, it will move and cut off your air.
  • Step 4: Practice Practice often, at different times of the day, and practice yodeling. Start with a note at the top of your middle range and go up in half steps until you max out.
  • Step 5: Lie down Lie down and practice singing with books on your abdomen to show air going in and out, or stand with your back against a wall to emphasize correct use of your diaphragm.
  • Step 6: Consider a vocal coach Consider training with a vocal coach, who will not only train you to sing high notes safely but also help you reach your singing goals.
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You Will Need

  • "Mixed voice" techniques
  • Visualization
  • Correct muscle use
  • Practice
  • Yodel practice
  • Back support
  • Books
  • Vocal coach

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