How to Choose the Right Vase for Your Flower Arrangement

Choosing the right vase is just as important as choosing the right flowers. The right one complements your blooms, while the wrong one...well, it just looks wrong. With these helpful hints, you'll always get it right.

You will need

  • The flowers of your choice
  • And an ability to make decisions

Step 1 Choose flowers Choose the flowers you want to use—your choice of vase will be based on the size and shape of the flowers.

Step 2 Long-stemmed vase For long-stemmed flowers—like roses or sunflowers—use a tall, slender vase. You don’t need many blossoms to create a striking look.

Step 3 Short-stemmed vase For short-stemmed flowers with round, full blossoms—like gardenias or peonies—use a smaller, spherical vase to accentuate their shape.

Step 4 Large arrangements For a large arrangement combining a variety of flowers and branches, use a vase with a wide, heavy base for extra support.

Step 5 Small groups To display individual flowers, or small groups of 2 to 3 blossoms, use a narrow vase of medium height.

Step 6 Branches If arranging only branches, choose a tall, straight-sided vase—the geometric shape of the vase will complement the organic shape of the branches.

Step 7 Step back & look Whatever flowers and vase you choose, step back and look at your arrangement from a distance. If it appears heavy on the bottom, use a narrower vase. If the top seems overpowering, try a wider vase. Chances are, it’ll be just right.