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How to Work with an Ex

You and your partner may have called it quits, but you still have to see each other everyday. Keep both your job and your sanity with these tips.


  • Step 1: Maintain professionalism Maintain a professional demeanor around your former partner. Be polite and courteous, but restrict conversation to business as much as possible.
  • Step 2: Communicate In the event your ex brings up a personal matter, take them aside, away from the eyes and ears of co-workers, and explain that it's in both of your interests to keep personal matters outside of the office.
  • Step 3: Be sensitive Be sensitive. Don't be sarcastic or insulting, refrain from reminiscing with your old flame, and never flirt with someone else in front of them.
  • Step 4: Avoid gossip Don't discuss the breakup with co-workers. Not only will the ensuing gossip damage your professional image, but co-workers may take sides, which can significantly destroy office dynamics.
  • TIP: If you have to explain the situation to your boss, emphasize that you and your ex are ready to put work ahead of personal matters.
  • Step 5: Wait Be patient. Things will get back to normal if you keep a level head and give it a little time.
  • FACT: According to a survey, 10 percent of all office romances started during happy hour.

You Will Need

  • A professional demeanor
  • Communication skills
  • Sensitivity
  • Patience

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