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How to BCC in E-mail

Don't expose valuable business and personal e-mail addresses when sending messages to multiple recipients. Use the blind carbon copy, or BCC, which is simply proper netiquette.


  • Step 1: Start a new message Click on new message in any e-mail program. The commands for showing or hiding the BCC field are available inside a new message window.
  • Step 2: Find BCC feature in Outlook Express Click View and then All Headers in Outlook Express if the BCC doesn’t appear in the header of your e-mail. It will be between the CC and Subject lines.
  • Step 3: Find BCC in Outlook Click View, and then click BCC Field to use this feature in Outlook.
  • Step 4: Find in Gmail In Gmail, click Compose Message, then Add BCC.
  • Step 5: Use in AOL and Yahoo Use the BCC feature in AOL by typing the addresses in parentheses in the Copy To box, separating each with a comma. In Yahoo, click the Add BCC button.
  • Step 6: Use in Mac Mail Click on the Customize icon to the left of the Subject line in Mac Mail and check the line that says BCC address field.
  • FACT: Did you know? Many e-mail service providers have limits for the number of names allowed in the To, CC, and BCC fields combined.

You Will Need

  • An e-mail program

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