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How to Rip & Burn CDs with iTunes

Transfer your old CDs to iTunes, or make new ones with the music you already have.


  • Step 1: Insert music CD and open iTunes Insert the music CD that you want to rip songs from. Open iTunes, if it doesn't automatically start. You will see the CD icon in the list on the left side of the iTunes window.
  • Step 2: Select the songs to rip and select Import CD Uncheck any songs you don't want copied to iTunes. Click the Import CD button in the lower right corner of the iTunes window.
  • TIP: Connect to the Internet when you open iTunes to automatically see the titles of all of the songs on your CD.
  • Step 3: Wait for the songs to be imported to iTunes Wait for iTunes to import the songs you've selected. When they’re imported, remove the CD from the drive.
  • Step 4: Create a new playlist To burn songs to a CD, create a new playlist by clicking the plus sign in the bottom-left corner of the iTunes window. Name the playlist.
  • Step 5: Add songs you want on your CD to playlist Click Library on the list at the left side of the iTunes window. Click on the song you want on your CD, hold the mouse button, and drag the song to your playlist on the left side of the window.
  • TIP: Select multiple songs at once by holding the Control or Shift key on a PC, and the Command or Shift key on a Mac, and clicking on each song. Then drag the group to your playlist.
  • Step 6: Add songs Continue adding songs to the playlist. Click on the playlist to keep track of the total playtime.
  • TIP: Keep the playlist's playtime under the amount of time your CD will hold, since iTunes will only burn the amount of songs that will fit on the disc.
  • Step 7: Insert a blank CD and select Burn Disc Insert a blank CD and click on the playlist you want to burn. Press the Burn Disc button at the bottom-right of the iTunes window, and select Audio CD as the disc format.
  • Step 8: Adjust options, and click Burn Adjust any options that you wish to change, such as decreasing the time between songs or changing recording speed. Click Burn, and soon you'll have a new CD full of your favorite tunes.
  • FACT: Did you know? The first iPod was introduced at an Apple special event on October 23, 2001. It carried a price tag of almost $400.

You Will Need

  • CD
  • Computer
  • iTunes
  • CD burner
  • Blank CD
  • Internet connection

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