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How to Eject a CD from a Mac

Unlike a PC, there is no Eject button on the CD drive of a Mac. Use one of these options to quickly and easily get your disc out.


  • Step 1: Press the Eject button Press the Media Eject button on the keyboard, located in the top row of keys. This button has no text but features an icon that looks like an up arrow with a single line underneath.
  • TIP: If the CD does not eject, place the computer in sleep mode, then press the Media Eject key again.
  • Step 2: Use another shortcut Choose File from the top menu on the desktop. Then select Eject.
  • TIP: To use the shortcut keys, press Command and E simultaneously.
  • Step 3: Drag to trash Highlight the CD or DVD icon from the desktop and drag it to the Trash file. It won't delete anything on the disc, but it will eject it.
  • Step 4: Eject from iTunes Eject your CD directly from iTunes either by using the eject icon next to the disc name or clicking Controls on the top, horizontal menu bar, and then clicking Eject Disc.
  • Step 5: Restart If all else fails, choose Restart from the Apple menu. Immediately after the system startup sound, press and hold the mouse button until the computer is finished starting up. This will eject your CD.
  • FACT: Did you know? Apple sold 2.2 million Macs in the second quarter of 2009, with laptops accounting for 63 percent of the total.

You Will Need

  • The location of shortcut keys
  • The location of the Trash folder
  • The Restart command (optional)

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