How to Zip Files on a PC

You can conserve hard drive space and dramatically reduce e-mail transmission time by zipping your files.

You will need

  • A Windows PC

Step 1 Select files to zip Select multiple files to zip into one folder by holding down the Control key, and highlighting each file by clicking on it. You can also zip a single file.

Step 2 Right-click on the files Right-click on one of the highlighted files and select Send To and Compressed (zipped) Folder. Make sure all of the files you have selected remain highlighted when you right-click.

Step 3 Examine the zipped file Open the zipped file to verify that it contains what you intended to zip. The zipped file will appear in the same directory or folder as the original files.

Step 4 Zip large files before attaching to an e-mail Prevent e-mail filters from blocking your messages by zipping large files – and files with.exe extensions – before attaching them to a message.

Step 5 Use zip tool to clean your hard drive Use the zip tool to save space on your hard drive by compressing large files and folders.

Step 6 Unzip a file Open a zipped file by right-clicking the file and then selecting Extract. That’s all there is to it.