How to Darn Socks

Quit damning your socks to the garbage, and darn them right back to the sock drawer instead.

You will need

  • A sock with a hole in it
  • A darning egg
  • A darning needle
  • Yarn or thick thread
  • Scissors

Step 1 Turn the sock inside out Turn your sock inside out and place the darning egg inside of the sock to emphasize the hole.

Step 2 Thread the needle Thread the darning needle with yarn or thick thread.

Step 3 Begin weaving Start about an inch to the side of the torn area, and weave over the hole to an inch on the other side.

Step 4 Weave in the other direction Turn the sock the other way and weave stitches perpendicular to those you’ve just created.

Step 5 Continue weaving Continue weaving over the hole until you’ve covered it.

Step 6 Cut the yarn Cut the extra yarn, turn your sock right-side out, and congratulate yourself for saving another sock’s life.