How to Make Clay Animals

Bored with rolling out plain old snakes? Here's a fun way to make a whole menagerie of critters with clay and poster board.

You will need

  • Modeling clay in different colors
  • Heavyweight poster board
  • A pencil
  • Some crayons or markers
  • And scissors

Step 1 Shape body You can make any animal you like, of course, but let’s start with a dog. Take a handful of clay and shape it into a ball for the dog’s body.

Step 2 Make spots Use a different-colored clay to make spots for the dog’s body.

Step 3 Draw features On the poster board, draw and color the dog’s features.

Step 4 Cut out body parts Cut out the cardboard body parts.

Step 5 Stick pieces into clay Stick the cardboard pieces into the clay and bark “hello” to your new friend. Ruff, ruff!