How to Create a Baby-Headed Dancing Frog

Babies are cute, and so are dancing frogs. So what could be cuter than joining the two together?

You will need

  • A dancing frog doll
  • A sweet-faced baby doll
  • A pair of wire cutters
  • Some black tape
  • A black marker
  • Some other kind of dancing animal doll

Step 1 Decapitate the frog Using the wire cutters, snip the band around the frog’s neck and decapitate the frog.

Step 2 Decapitate the baby Snip the band around the baby’s neck, and decapitate the baby.

Step 3 Work baby's head onto frog's body Work the baby’s head onto the frog’s body and trim off any excess ‘skin.’

Step 4 Create tattoos Use a marker to create the jailhouse tattoos of your choice.

Step 5 Give your baby a haircut Use the tape to give your baby a stylish haircut.

Step 6 Marvel at your creation Now stand back and marvel at your beautiful dancing creation.