How to Make a Clockwork Orange

You're not a social deviant, you just have a taste for the unusual. And fruit.

You will need

  • An orange
  • A knife
  • A battery-operated clock mechanism
  • A set of clock hands
  • A marker

Step 1 Loosen the peel Roll the orange around on a flat surface to loosen the peel.

Step 2 Remove the guts Cut a large ‘X’ in the back of the orange and carefully remove its guts.

Step 3 Cut a hole Cut a small circular hole in the other side of the orange.

Step 4 Insert clock mechanism Shove the clock mechanism inside the orange, poking its ‘drive shaft’ through the hole.

Step 5 Attach clock hands & write numbers Attach the clock hands… Write hours on the orange… And enjoy your fruity new timepiece.