How to Build a Giant Floor Mat Nintendo Controller

Remember the good old days before "aerobic gaming," when you could just sit on your butt and wiggle your thumbs? Well those days are gone; time to get up, stand up, and put your feet to work.

You will need

  • A Nintendo game system and controller
  • A 3-feet by 5-feet piece of cardboard
  • About 40-feet of insulated red wire
  • 6-feet of insulated black wire
  • A roll of aluminum foil
  • A roll of clear packing tape
  • 32 sheets of construction paper
  • Some gray
  • red
  • and black felt
  • A soldering gun
  • A screwdriver
  • Some scissors

Step 1 Take apart the controller Take apart the controller, and remove the green circuit panel. Each of the 8 controller button terminals has 2 leads – one that connects to ground, and the other that goes to one of 8 poles. Make a mental note of which button leads to which pole.

Step 2 Solder wire to poles Flip the board over and solder a length of red wire to each of these 8 poles. Solder a length of black wire to the ground terminal.

Step 3 Cover cardboard with foil Cover the large piece of cardboard with aluminum foil, and tape the single ground wire to this base layer.

Step 4 Stack construction paper Stack 4 pieces of construction paper together and cut several holes in them. Tape the stack along its edges to the aluminum foil in the same location as the button you’re creating.

Step 5 Tape foil over paper Tape a smaller piece of foil over the construction paper – but make sure it’s not touching the base layer of foil.

Step 6 Tape wire to foil Tape the corresponding button wire to the small piece of foil.

Step 7 Repeat Repeat this process for the remaining seven buttons.

Step 8 Cut out felt Cut out felt in the shape of the actual controller buttons.

Step 9 Attach oversized buttons Flip the cardboard over, attach the oversized buttons, and get ready to hop around like Super Mario himself.