How to Make Your Hair Shine for a Big Night Out

The evening promises to be anything but dull, so make sure your hair isn't either! Turning lackluster locks into a lustrous mane is easy – if you know a few tricks.

You will need

  • A high-quality shampoo
  • A silicone-rich conditioner
  • A clean towel
  • Eye glitter
  • A hair dryer
  • A natural or combination bristle brush
  • A metallic accessory
  • A shine hairspray
  • Mousse (optional)

Step 1 Start with a high-quality shampoo Wash your hair with a high-quality shampoo designed to help maximize shine. Removing product build-up allows your hair to reflect more light.

Step 2 Condition it Follow with a conditioner that contains silicone. It helps align hair fibers with each other, which is essential for a smooth, glossy surface.

Step 3 Rinse and pat dry Rinse your hair thoroughly. Then gently blot excess water with a clean bath towel; aggressive towel-drying can damage cuticles.

Step 4 Get glowing Don’t let your hair be the only thing gleaming tonight: After applying your makeup, dust a tiny amount of glitter across your lids in a color that matches or complements your shadow, for some eye-catching sparkle.

Step 5 Get a cool style Let your hair air dry at least halfway, then use the cool setting on your dryer as you blow dry one section at a time, using a natural or combination bristle brush.

Step 6 Join the glitterati Pick one metallic accessory, like shoes or a purse — just don’t overdo it with both! Add a piece or two of sparkly jewelry to complete the look.

Step 7 Seal the deal Mist your entire head of hair with a hair spray specially formulated to help maintain shine. It will help seal your look, resulting in an ice-like reflective surface that will keep you dazzling all night long!