How to Deal with a Nosy Neighbor

A nosy neighbor can be a nuisance. Dealing with their prying eyes can restore your privacy.

You will need

  • Friendly disposition
  • Vague answers
  • Exaggerated greetings
  • Security lights
  • Security cameras
  • Security system sign
  • Fence
  • trees
  • or bushes

Step 1 Be nice Maintain a friendly disposition. The last thing you want is a snooper for an enemy.

Step 2 Don't answer questions Be vague when they ask questions. If they ask, “Where are you going?” simply answer, “Out.”

Step 3 Exaggerate greetings Exaggerate your greetings. Be overly animated when you see them and broadly smile and wave.

Step 4 Approach them Approach your neighbor in a respectful manner and mention you have noticed their inquiring ways.

Step 5 Stare back Stare back if approaching them has not helped. It may temporarily distract them and forward their attention toward another neighbor.

Step 6 Install security lights Install motion detector lights around your home and keep your doors locked.

Step 7 Install camera Install cameras – real or fake – around your home. You can also put up a sign that says you have had a home security system installed.

Step 8 Plant trees Block their gaze by erecting a privacy fence or planting trees or bushes.