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How to Keep Your Clothes Dryer Working like New

Make your dryer use less energy, run better, and last longer.


  • Step 1: Clean lint Clean the lint screen after every cycle. Pull the lint screen out and brush it clean with a paintbrush. Vacuum inside the trap.
  • Step 2: Remove lint Vacuum accumulated lint and dirt from behind and underneath your dryer to prevent a fire. The dryer can overheat due to lint buildup.
  • Step 3: Check hoses Replace plastic or ribbed metal ductwork with smooth-wall metal, which can be disassembled and cleaned with a round dryer vent brush.
  • TIP: Ducts should be replaced every six years.
  • Step 4: Clean exhaust duct Unplug the dryer and vacuum the exhaust duct every year to prevent buildup.
  • Step 5: Turn dryer on Turn the dryer on and go outside to see if the exhaust hood is working properly. If not, disconnect the dryer and exhaust duct to remove any blockage.
  • Step 6: Remove vent and vacuum duct Remove the vent on the outside of the house and vacuum the inside of the duct with a wand attachment to clear out any remaining dust and lint.
  • FACT: Did you know? There are approximately 15,600 fires caused by clothes dryers annually.

You Will Need

  • Clean paintbrush
  • Vacuum
  • Round dryer vent brush
  • Wand attachment

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