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How to Chill Beer on the Beach

A sunny beach makes for warm beer. You can bring a fridge and a 10-mile extension cord, or you can use science to keep those cold ones cold.


  • : Don't drink unless you're of legal age. Drink responsibly, and never drink and drive.
  • Step 1: Fill the cooler When you get to the beach, put ocean or lake water in the cooler – enough to fill the bottom quarter of the cooler.
  • TIP: Try not to scoop up any sand or critters.
  • Step 2: Add ice Empty your bag of ice into the cooler. Don't fill the cooler all the way – leave it about a third to half empty.
  • Step 3: Add salt Add one cup of rock salt for every three pounds of ice.
  • TIP: A cup is about the size of your closed fist.
  • Step 4: Add beer Put the beer into the cooler. If the cans are still in six-pack rings, separate them to let water circulate around them.
  • Step 5: Stir Swirl the ice and water around the beer for a few minutes. The salt is lowering its freezing point, just as it would in an ice-cream maker.
  • Step 6: Drink Use the towel to wipe the salt, water, and any dirt off a cold beer. Pop it open and propose a toast to science.
  • FACT: An average of 975 beer cans and bottles are tossed per mile of road annually in the U.S.

You Will Need

  • Cooler
  • Bag of ice
  • Rock salt
  • Beer
  • Towel

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