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How to Negotiate

Don't let the art of negotiation intimidate you. Here are a few tips to help you get the best deal.


  • Step 1: Learn about the issue Research the issue or product, and learn as much about it as you can. Be ready to offer the latest facts and figures about it.
  • Step 2: Put differences aside Put your differences aside if you are negotiating with someone you do not like. If you disagree, do not start an argument. Suggest returning to a sensitive point later on.
  • Step 3: Keep control Stay in control of your emotions at all times. Each situation will be different because of a person's style, attitude, and negotiating skills.
  • Step 4: Ask questions Ask the person you are negotiating with about their needs and concerns. Listen carefully, and show that you are listening by repeating their concerns back to them. Then, list your own needs and concerns.
  • Step 5: Get an advantage Allow your opponent to make the first offer. This will set the parameters of the negotiation to your advantage. Be reasonable with your counteroffer.
  • TIP: Don't be overaggressive. Aggression may cause your opponent to dig in their heels, making compromise impossible.
  • Step 6: Find a solution Find a solution that gives something to both parties. This will most likely require concessions and compromise.
  • Step 7: Bring to an end End the negotiation once you reach an agreement. People may lose interest if the discussion continues.
  • FACT: Did you know? Getting to Yes, a book about the art of negotiating, has sold over 2 million copies in 20 languages since it was first published in 1981.

You Will Need

  • Research
  • An even temper
  • Listening skills
  • Patience
  • Compromise

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