How to Start a Blog

Have you got something to say and you want the world to hear it? Why not start a blog?

You will need

  • Internet access
  • Web host
  • Theme
  • Content
  • Links
  • Web designer (optional)
  • Multimedia content u00b7(optional)

Step 1 Choose a platform Choose a platform or web host for your blog. There are many sites where you can set up a blog for free.

Step 2 Decide on a theme Decide on a theme or topic for your blog. It can be super-specific or general commentary, but it should definitely be something you are passionate about.

Step 3 Create content Create content to post on your blog. Post at least three times a week and keep the word count under 800.

Step 4 Promote your content Promote your content to increase your readership by reading other blogs and posting comments on their posts. Mention your blog in passing without being pushy.

Step 5 Share links Share links to your blog posts in social-bookmarking sites. Be generous by mentioning other blogs on your blog.

Step 6 Interact with your readers Interact with the readership that comes to your blog via the comments section. Blogging is a social activity, not just a soapbox. If you want to retain and grow your audience, talk to them.

Step 7 Keep posting Keep posting. Without new content on a regular basis, readers will stop coming and you’ll have to start over again.