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How to Play Spider Online

See how quickly you can make your cards disappear. Follow these steps for a fun, yet challenging, solitaire computer game.


  • Step 1: Start a game Find a web site where you can play the game. Decide on a difficulty level and start a new game.
  • Step 2: Move cards to arrange suits in order Look at the initial deal. Move cards from the bottom of one stack to another stack to line up suits in order, from King to Ace.
  • Step 3: Move cards to order non-suited cards Move cards from the bottom of stacks to stacks with cards of the next highest value, regardless of suit or color.
  • Step 4: Move sets of ordered, suited cards See if you have sets of ordered, suited cards. Move them as a group to continue building the set.
  • TIP: Use the Undo feature in the computer version of Solitaire to erase the last move you made, but know that you will lose a point each time you do.
  • Step 5: Move cards or sets to empty spaces Move individual cards or ordered, suited sets of cards to any empty spaces that you clear.
  • TIP: Move Kings from the bottom of stacks to empty spaces as soon as you can to free up the other cards in the stack.
  • Step 6: Deal from the reserve deck Deal a new row of cards from the reserve deck when you can make no other moves with the available cards. Continue moving these cards to build new sets.
  • Step 7: See complete, ordered sets disappear Make complete, ordered sets of single suits, and watch the full set disappear from the board. Create full sets with all of the cards in the game to win.
  • FACT: Did you know? One of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's favorite ways to relax was to play a game of Spider solitaire.

You Will Need

  • A computer with internet access

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