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How to Make a Single Flower Dome Arrangement

A flower arrangement with just one type of flower? It may sound monotonous, but it's actually understated and quite elegant, not to mention incredibly easy.


  • Step 1: Choose vase Choose the vase or container you want to use and gather enough of one type of flower to comfortably fill its mouth with stems. Make sure that each flower is very healthy-looking, since there won't be any foliage to hide bruised or damaged petals.
  • TIP: Daffodils are ideal for single flower arrangements since they should never be used in mixed arrangements—they emit a toxic sap that kills other flowers.
  • Step 2: Fill vase Fill a vase halfway with cool water.
  • Step 3: Add flower food Add some flower food to the water and set the vase aside. If you don't have flower food, add a few drops of bleach and 1 teaspoon of sugar per quart of water. This will provide nutrients for the flowers and rid the water of any bacteria.
  • Step 4: Remove leaves Remove any leaves that will wind up underwater when placed in the vase. Weak leaves can be plucked by hand. Cut off tougher leaves with a sharp knife, being careful not to damage the stem in the process.
  • Step 5: Fan blossoms Lay out the flowers on a flat surface and fan the blossoms into an arching shape.
  • Step 6: Form dome shape With both hands, gather up the flowers from either end, scooping them together just below the blossoms. The flowers should naturally come together in a dome shape. Make any necessary adjustments to the shape by holding the bunch in one hand and gently pushing up or pulling down individual flowers.
  • Step 7: Check height Hold the bunch of flowers inside or alongside the container to check the height. In general, the flowers should stick out above the container anywhere between half the height and the full height of the container. For a shorter container like a bowl or cup, trim flowers so that the blossoms sit just above the rim.
  • TIP: To maintain the dome shape while checking the flower height, wrap a rubber band around the stems.
  • Step 8: Cut stems Take the bunch out and cut the stems straight across to the desired height.
  • Step 9: Return flowers Return the flowers to the container and allow them to fall into place.
  • TIP: If you used a rubber band to keep the flowers in a dome shape, remember to snip it off before replacing the bunch in the vase.
  • Step 10: Change water Change the water in your arrangement daily to keep it looking fresh.
  • FACT: The Environmental Trust on the English Isles of Scilly pays Prince Charles a rent of one daffodil per year.

You Will Need

  • A bunch of the fresh flowers of your choice
  • A pair of gardening shears or scissors
  • A sharp knife
  • The vase or container of your choice
  • Some cool water
  • And some flower food or bleach and sugar

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