How to Do Better Google Searches

Feel like there's something missing from your life? Just hop on Google, and follow these simple steps to pinpoint whatever you're looking for in a jiffy.

You will need

  • A computer with an internet connection

Step 1 Go to Google homepage Go to Google’s homepage at

Step 2 Type in key words Type in key words related to your search. Try to be specific without including too many words.

Step 3 Add quotes Put quotes around any phrase in your search. This tells Google to look for words in a specific order. Quotes are especially helpful with names.

Step 4 Narrow search Narrow down your search by adding additional words or phrases. Try to think of unusual words that are specific to the thing you’re looking for.

Step 5 Searching range of numbers To search within a range of numbers, type a low number and high number separated by two periods, with no spaces. For example, if you want to find something between 100 and 200 dollars, type dollar sign-one hundred-dot-dot-dollar sign-two hundred.

Step 6 Use "Advanced Search" To further refine your search, click ‘Advanced Search.’ Here you can specify languages, file formats, dates, and other characteristics.

Step 7 Use different words If you’re still not finding what you want, start over with different words or phrases. That’s it—you’ll have what you’re looking for in no time.