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How to Extricate Your Arm from a Post-Coital Cuddle

In the wild a wolf will gnaw its own leg off to escape a trap. This is not the wild and you are not a wolf. Get your arm back the human way.


  • Step 1: Don't get your arm caught Avoid getting your arm caught in the first place. While basking in the afterglow, lie on your back and encourage your partner to rest their head on your chest. This way you can snuggle all your want without cutting off the circulation to your arm.
  • Step 2: Spoon intelligently If spooning is the order of the evening, position your lower arm strategically. Place the pillows a few inches away from the headboard. Put your lower arm under their pillow at an angle in line with your upper body, so you can spoon without trapping your arm under their head or neck.
  • Step 3: The shoulder roll Try another method: position your lower arm behind you and place your upper arm on the waist of your partner.
  • TIP: Be careful not to crush, smother, or push your partner out of bed.
  • Step 4: Worst-case snuggling scenario If your beloved fell asleep before you could reclaim your arm, hug them to you and gently roll with them in the direction of their side of the bed. When they're comfortably repositioned on their stomach, withdraw your arm.
  • TIP: If they get restless, snuggle for few minutes, but make sure not to trap your arm a second time.
  • Step 5: Get some rest Get some sleep. Now that you've got all your limbs accounted for and your partner is sleeping contentedly, time for some hard-earned shut-eye.
  • FACT: The term "spooning" may come from the Welsh tradition of an engaged man giving his fiancee an elaborately carved spoon.

You Will Need

  • A soundly sleeping partner
  • Forethought
  • Stealth

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