How to Fix a Bike Flat without a Patch Kit

You're miles from home with a flat and reach for your trusty patch kit, but it's not there. Don't panic. Use these in-a-pinch tricks.

You will need

  • A sunglass strap
  • Leaves or grass

Step 1 Remove the wheel Turn your bike upside down and remove the wheel. Then use your hands or a bike handle to separate one side of the tire from the rim.

Step 2 Take out tube Take out the deflated tube and determine the location of the hole.

Step 3 Use a sunglass strap Wrap the strap from your sunglasses around the hole in the tube like a tourniquet, tying several knots around and next to the hole to create an airtight seal.

Step 4 Fill with leaves Fill the tire with as many leaves as possible if you don’t have a strap. If there are no leaves available, fill the tire with grass, molding the grass to the outer part of the tire and working inward.

Step 5 Replace wheel Put the tire back onto the rim and replace the wheel.

Step 6 Ride home Ride directly and slowly home to avoid damaging your rim. Remove all the leaves or grass before putting in a new tube.