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How to Maintain a Long-Distance Relationship

Nurturing a long-distance romance takes patience, understanding… and a working knowledge of the latest technology.


  • Step 1: Talk about the little stuff Squeeze in daily chats about the mundane aspects of each other's lives, like how your respective days are going. Don't underestimate the importance of the small stuff -- that's what relationships are built on.
  • TIP: Dash off short text messages throughout the day, rather than sending one long-winded one at night.
  • Step 2: Exchange pictures Exchange pictures every day -- not just of yourselves, but of interesting things you saw or did. Send video of your office, dorm, or new hangout -- it's easier to handle being apart when you can picture each other's surroundings.
  • Step 3: Prove fidelity Assure your partner that you ain't misbehaving by sending proof of your whereabouts.
  • Step 4: Celebrate "together" Celebrate occasions big and small by picking a time to have a simultaneous celebratory drink and send each other photos or video of you toasting.
  • TIP: If your phones have live video share, you can toast each other live.
  • Step 5: Use ringtones Download "your" song as your ringtone so you're romantically reminded every time your phone rings.
  • Step 6: Make decisions together Before you buy something pricey or do anything drastic, check in with your partner so you can make decisions as a team even though you're miles apart.
  • Step 7: Make graphic amends Distance can magnify hurt feelings, so if you screw up, go the extra mile to apologize.
  • FACT: Research shows that couples in long-distance relationships are no more likely to cheat than those who are geographically close -- but they fret more about their partner straying.

You Will Need

  • A camera phone
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Imagination
  • The ability to share live video

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