How to Be More Popular with Boys

To be more popular with you boys, start by loving who you are, and the rest will fall into place.


  • Step 1: Smile Show them how happy you are to see them with an inviting smile.
  • Step 2: Take a joke Learn to take a joke in stride. Having a good sense of humor is an attractive quality.
  • Step 3: Share interests Focus on similar interests. Having something in common can help a relationship evolve.
  • Step 4: Support them Support their interests. Play a game of soccer with them or cheer for them at their basketball game.
  • Step 5: Ask advice Ask for their advice. Let them know their opinion is important to you.
  • TIP: Avoid gossiping and talking badly about people.
  • Step 6: Be independent Be independent and know what you want without making them feel unimportant.
  • Step 7: Eat When you're on a date, order what you really want to eat. Engage in a conversation that interests you and him both.
  • FACT: Girls who participate in sports in general have higher self-esteem then girls who do not.

You Will Need

  • A smile
  • Jokes
  • A good sense of humor

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