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How to Act after a First Date

The way you act after a first date can make or break a relationship, so be on your best behavior.


  • Step 1: Be polite Be polite and either leave the door open for another date or make it clear that there wasn’t a spark. Don’t lead someone on by saying you’ll call when you know you won’t.
  • Step 2: Evaluate what happened Evaluate the date the next day with a clear head. Go over what you liked and disliked about the person and what you did together.
  • TIP: Cut your losses if there’s no chemistry. If they call, be kind, but don’t agree to another night out
  • Step 3: Wait a couple days Wait a couple days before you call if you want to see them again. No one wants to seem desperate.
  • Step 4: Relax Be relaxed for that first phone call. You don’t want to seem like a potential stalker. Gauge the other person’s tone to find out if they had a good time. Then you can decide whether you should ask for another date or be cool and wait a few more days.
  • Step 5: Ask for a second date Be casual about the second date. Cover yourself by suggesting a group activity, referring to a common interest, like music. Suggest that the other person "tag along" to a club or to see a band, as if you were going anyway.
  • Step 6: Find a physical activity Go bowling – something fun and active – because you can laugh at yourselves and cut the pressure.
  • Step 7: Use second date to measure Measure your expectations – likely optimistic – on the second date. If the relationship looks like something you won't pursue, tell yourself you're not settling down yet anyway.
  • FACT: The organization, Women Halting Online Harassment, reports that 87 percent of online harassment victims are women.

You Will Need

  • Manners
  • A telephone
  • Strong character
  • Gumption

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