How to Properly Fit a Bicycle Helmet

It’s critical to have a bicycle helmet that fits, so it can protect your head during a bicycle accident.

You will need

  • A measuring tape
  • A bicycle helmet
  • Foam pads

Step 1 Determine size Use a measuring tape to measure your head’s circumference. This will determine the correct helmet size.

Step 2 Adjust foam pads Use the foam pads to make sure the helmet sits level on your head. Generally helmets come with two sizes of foam pads.

Step 3 Adjust the straps Adjust the side straps to sit snugly under your ears with no slack. The chin strap should be buckled tightly under your chin.

Step 4 Open your mouth Open your mouth without moving your head. The helmet should pull down with your jaw movement.

Step 5 Twist the helmet Twist the helmet from side to side. The skin on your forehead should move with the helmet. If not, it’s too loose and needs tightening.