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How to Take Cute Baby Pictures

Ready to show the world your pride and joy? Follow these tips to get divine snapshots of your little angel.


  • Step 1: Take sleepy pictures Take pictures in the morning after the baby has been fed for sleepy, contented-looking shots.
  • Step 2: Use natural light Use indirect natural light. For example, take pictures by a west-facing window during the morning hours, or outdoors about an hour or two before sunset.
  • TIP: Stay low and close to your subject to fill the frame with baby, not background.
  • Step 3: Get the baby's attention Get the baby's attention and a prompt smile for happy pictures by playing "peek-a-boo," singing, making faces, and shaking rattles or other toys.
  • Step 4: Set up props Set up props. Bowls, tubs, and baskets are perfect for babies to play in. Simple, muted colors work best to keep the focus on the baby. You can also use the baby's favorite stuffed animals, toys, and pets to create a joyous, playful atmosphere in the pictures.
  • TIP: Keep the camera with you and find moments instead of creating them to capture spontaneous moments of incredible cuteness.
  • Step 5: Use a shallow depth of field Use a shallow depth of field to draw the focus to the baby, not the background.
  • Step 6: Convert the pictures to black and white Convert some of the pictures to black and white using any basic photo-editing program to even out any splotchy skin and give the pictures a timeless, classic look.
  • FACT: The first snapshots of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's twins reportedly fetched $11 million.

You Will Need

  • A baby
  • A camera
  • Natural light
  • Props
  • A basic photo-editing program

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