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How to DJ a Wedding

Follow these tips to be the wedding DJ everyone is talking about.


  • Step 1: Print playlist Print a playlist of all the music you have and give it to the bride and groom at least three weeks ahead of time. Allow them make suggestions, add songs, and to delete songs they don't like.
  • Step 2: Have a planning meeting Have a planning meeting with the bride and groom two weeks before the wedding. Ask the couple what announcements they would like you to make and when. Get the names and pronunciations of everyone in the wedding party.
  • TIP: Write down the pronunciations so you don't flub anyone's name.
  • Step 3: Find out about preferences Find out what kind of music the couple expects throughout the reception. Ask them what kinds of music their friends and family would like.
  • TIP: Prepare a backup copy of the couple's first-dance music in the event of technical problems.
  • Step 4: Visit venue and propose a layout Visit the venue to draw a map of the DJ space and your layout.
  • Step 5: Set up Set up early and check your equipment. Arrive wearing formal wear, and don't forget to smile!
  • FACT: Dick Clark started his career as a DJ at the student radio station at Syracuse University.

You Will Need

  • A playlist
  • A meeting with the bride and groom
  • A list of names and announcements
  • A backup CD of the first-dance song
  • Equipment
  • Formal attire
  • A positive and friendly disposition

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