How to Make Grilled Sandwiches without a Panini Press

You don't need special equipment to make tasty grilled sandwiches at home; use the tools you already have, and save your money for the ingredients.

You will need

  • Butter or olive oil
  • Thick-sliced
  • hearty bread
  • Two frying pans
  • one smaller than the other
  • Sandwich fillings
  • A griddle pan (optional)
  • A brick wrapped in foil (optional)

Step 1 Butter the bread Lightly butter or brush with olive oil one side each of two pieces of bread.

Step 2 Heat the pan Preheat the larger frying pan on medium heat.

Step 3 Add the bread Place each piece of bread in the pan, butter side down.

Step 4 Add the fillings Stack your fillings on one piece. Roasted vegetables, sliced meats, and cheese are all tasty choices. Put the cheese on last.

Step 5 Top it off Put the other piece of bread on top of the fillings, butter or oil side up.

Step 6 Press Press down on the sandwich with the second pan, and keep pressing as the sandwich cooks.

Step 7 Flip Peek at the underside of the sandwich. When it’s nicely browned, carefully flip it over. Compress it again and cook it until it’s golden on both sides, and the cheese has melted.