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How to Ignore Someone

Follow these tips to make ignoring someone a little less awkward.


  • Step 1: Avoid eye contact Don't make eye contact with someone you want to ignore. If you see them on the street, look away.
  • Step 2: Keep focused Focus on using your cell phone or searching for something in your pockets if they try to get your attention.
  • TIP: Use your mp3 player anytime you go anywhere, and pretend to be engrossed in the music if you see someone you don't want to talk to.
  • Step 3: Cease communication Cease all communication with the person you are trying to ignore, including e-mail and text messages.
  • Step 4: Change routine Change your routine so that you don't run into the person or come into contact with them.
  • Step 5: Change contact info Change all of your contact information if you really want to ignore someone.
  • FACT: A study found that people who multitask are less able to ignore irrelevant information and are easily distracted.

You Will Need

  • A cell phone
  • Pockets
  • A new routine
  • New contact information
  • An mp3 player (optional)

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