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How to Make a Low-Flow Toilet

Us this quick and easy modification to save water with older toilets.


  • Step 1: Test the size of your container Remove the lid from your toilet tank and insert a clean, ½-gallon plastic bottle to make sure it fits.
  • TIP: The bottle should fit in the tank without touching the mechanical parts of the flushing and refilling system.
  • Step 2: Fill the bottle Remove the bottle and fill it with water, pebbles, or sand.
  • Step 3: Put the cap on Screw the cap or lid securely onto the container.
  • Step 4: Put the bottle in the tank Put the bottle into the tank, away from the moving parts of the toilet. Replace the lid on your toilet tank, and you are done.
  • FACT: Adding a plastic bottle to your toilet tank can save as much as 25 percent of the water flushed in a typical home.

You Will Need

  • u00bd-gallon plastic container with a lid
  • Water
  • Pebbles or sand (optional)

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