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How to Quiet Noisy Water Pipes

Noisy water pipes may seem daunting, but you can often fix the problem at its source.


  • Step 1: Fix banging noise Lower your water pressure at your main water line if you hear a banging noise when you turn off a faucet. The banging is the result of a shock wave moving along the water line.
  • TIP: Consider installing a pressure-reducing valve with the pressure set no higher than 60 psi if you hear banging.
  • Step 2: [Solve creaking or cracking noise Place insulation around a noisy water pipe if you hear a creaking or cracking sound when you use hot water. Copper water pipes expand when hot water passes through them, causing them to rub against wooden framing and support brackets.
  • Step 3: Fix whistling noise Replace the washer or repair the faucet valve seat if you hear a whistling noise coming from a faucet. Whistling is caused by water passing through a restricted area.
  • Step 4: Quiet a rattling noise Cushion the water pipe or strap it down if you hear a rattling sound. Rattling is due to poorly secured water pipes.
  • FACT: The first American waterworks, which were built in Boston in 1652, used pipes made of hollow wooden logs.

You Will Need

  • Insulation
  • A washer
  • A faucet valve seat
  • A cushion or straps

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