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How to Draw Shoes

Drawing shoes is where the rubber meets the road in the art world. Step into this drawing experience to master the basic techniques of sketching footwear.


  • Step 1: Draw simple shape Draw a rectangle, narrowing one end to establish the side view of a basic shoe, noting that most types of shoes fit into this boxy shape.
  • Step 2: Refine the outline Refine the outline of your shoe, making sure to clearly reflect the curve where the shoe surrounds the ankle.
  • TIP: Add character to your drawing by capturing subtle signs of wear.
  • Step 3: Add heel and outsole Draw a short rectangle for the heel, positioning it below the left edge of your original rectangle. Add a thin rectangle from the toe to the heel, connecting them.
  • Step 4: Add details Add details, including stitching, laces, lace eyes, and decorations such as buckles, straps, and fabric design.
  • TIP: Shoes are typically sewn together at the toe joint and the heel-ankle joint.
  • Step 5: Erase guidelines and shade Erase unwanted guidelines and shade shadowed areas of the shoe. Now, to make sure your drawing is more than a footnote, frame it!
  • FACT: Scientific evidence shows humans wore shoes 40,000 years ago during the Middle Paleolithic period.

You Will Need

  • A graphite pencil
  • Paper
  • A simple low-heeled shoe
  • An eraser

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