How to Choose a Cruise

Cruises available come in all shapes and sizes. Consider these options when planning your own cruise vacation.

You will need

  • Friends and family
  • A travel agent
  • A destination
  • A theme
  • A budget

Step 1 Do research Research the many cruise options available. Talk to friends and family who have cruised and ask about their experiences and impressions.

Step 2 Determine demographics Determine who you want to travel with. Different cruises cater to families, singles, seniors, and people with alternative lifestyles.

Step 3 Pick sea or land Decide where you want to spend your time – onboard where you can take advantage of the ship’s entertainment or on land at ports-of-call to explore your destinations.

Step 4 Choose a destination Choose where you want to visit on your cruise. This may not matter much if you plan to spend most of your time on the ship, but if the destination is a large part of your trip, pick a place you’d love to see.

Step 5 Choose a size Choose how large a ship you want to travel on. Big ships are usually cheaper and offer many more onboard activities, and smaller ships are usually more expensive but can go places larger ships can’t.

Step 6 Pick a theme Pick a theme for your cruise. Travelers can take a cruise focused on education, eco-tourism, or sports and recreational activities.

Step 7 Shop for a deal Shop for the best price you can find based on the criteria you’ve chosen for your cruise. Talk to travel agents and search online for the best dates and prices.