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How to Do the MC Hammer Dance

MC Hammer did the Hammer Dance in back the early '90s, but the dance lives on. Follow these steps to learn Hammer's moves.


  • Step 1: Play music Play lively dance music to get in the mood for Hammer dancing.
  • TIP: To feel the spirit of the dance, put on baggy, genie-like pants, also known as Hammer pants.
  • Step 2: Keep legs wide Take a wide stance and wait for a good place in the music to start moving.
  • Step 3: Bend your knees Bend your knees so you are in a squat with your knees pointed out.
  • Step 4: Shuffle Shuffle quickly to the right and then quickly back to the left. Repeat as often as you want.
  • Step 5: Move your arms Stretch your arms out or hold them at your sides, alternately raising and lowering either shoulder as you move from side to side.
  • Step 6: Add style Jump and cross your feet quickly in the front and then in back to give the dance more visual interest
  • Step 7: Integrate other moves Integrate other late '80s and early '90s dance moves and tear it up at the club.
  • FACT: MC Hammer was given the name "Hammer" by members of the Oakland A's baseball team, for whom he worked as a batboy. They thought he looked like baseball great "Hammerin" Hank Aaron.

You Will Need

  • Music
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Hammer pants (optional)

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