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How to Wax Your Back

Tired of being called Sasquatch? You can de-fur yourself with a little help from a friend.


  • : Never wax immediately after sunbathing or tanning at a salon. UV exposure harms the skin and waxing can result in bruises and excess pain.
  • Step 1: Meet the hair requirements Make sure the hair is dry and at least a quarter-inch long, so it can adhere to the wax
  • Step 2: Apply analgesic Have your friend apply a topical analgesic to your back to desensitize your skin, lessening the sting.
  • TIP: Make sure the analgesic has completely dried before applying the wax.
  • Step 3: Heat the wax Heat the wax according to label instructions. The temperature should be warm, but shouldn't burn you.
  • Step 4: Apply wax evenly Have your friend use a waxing stick to apply the wax to a small section of your back. They should spread the wax in the direction of your back's hair growth.
  • Step 5: Press muslin strip to the wax Have your friend press a muslin strip into the section while the wax is still hot, leaving a half-inch of the muslin strip free to grasp when removing hair. They should stroke the strip two or three times in the direction of hair growth.
  • Step 6: Pull strip in opposite direction Have quickly peel the strip back in one swift motion in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  • TIP: Pull the strip close to skin as possible. Don't pull straight up, which is more painful and not as effective at removing hair.
  • Step 7: Continue waxing in small sections Your friend should continue to wax the hair in small sections until it's all gone.
  • Step 8: Use lotion with salicylic acid last Apply a lotion containing salicylic acid to avoid ingrown hairs. Now take your friend to lunch to show them your appreciation, while you show off your sleek back!
  • FACT: Actor Steve Carell's body wax scene in The 40 Year Old Virgin was real, and filmed in one take.

You Will Need

  • A very
  • very good friend
  • A topical analgesic
  • A home waxing kit with a waxing stick and muslin strips
  • A lotion containing salicylic acid
  • Some tolerance of pain

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