How to Apply Lipstick

You might think applying lipstick is a no-brainer, but one false move and you could end up looking like a sad, crazy clown.

You will need

  • Foundation
  • Some colorless lip balm
  • A nude lip liner
  • A lipstick
  • Some tissues
  • Some translucent powder
  • And a large powder brush
  • A lip-exfoliating product
  • A toothbrush
  • Some petroleum jelly
  • A lip brush
  • Some lip gloss
  • And a shimmery lipstick in the same

Step 1 Apply foundation For longer-lasting coverage, apply foundation to your lips before beginning.

Step 2 Dab on lip balm Dab on a little colorless lip balm to keep your lips moist, and blot with a tissue.

Step 3 Line and fill Line your lips with a nude lip liner, then fill in.

Step 4 Apply thin layer Apply a thin layer of lipstick from the tube or, for more precise control, use a lip brush.

Step 5 Blot and dust on powder Blot your lips with a tissue, then lightly dust on a little translucent powder to set the color.

Step 6 Add another layer Apply another thin layer of lipstick, blot on a tissue, and dust with translucent powder again once or twice, layering on the lipstick to increase the staying power and saturation of the color.

Step 7 Apply final layer Apply a final layer of lipstick.

Step 8 Dab on lip gloss For shinier lips, dab on some lip gloss and, if you’re feeling extra “pouty,” add a little shimmery lipstick in the same family as your original color to your lower lip.