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How to Apply Lipstick

You might think applying lipstick is a no-brainer, but one false move and you could end up looking like a sad, crazy clown.


  • Step 1: Apply foundation For longer-lasting coverage, apply foundation to your lips before beginning.
  • TIP: If your lips are dry or chapped, you should also consider exfoliating them before you begin with a lip-exfoliating product or your toothbrush and petroleum jelly.
  • Step 2: Dab on lip balm Dab on a little colorless lip balm to keep your lips moist, and blot with a tissue.
  • Step 3: Line and fill Line your lips with a nude lip liner, then fill in.
  • Step 4: Apply thin layer Apply a thin layer of lipstick from the tube or, for more precise control, use a lip brush.
  • TIP: Start at the middle of your lips and blend out, being careful not to apply too heavily at the corners.
  • Step 5: Blot and dust on powder Blot your lips with a tissue, then lightly dust on a little translucent powder to set the color.
  • Step 6: Add another layer Apply another thin layer of lipstick, blot on a tissue, and dust with translucent powder again once or twice, layering on the lipstick to increase the staying power and saturation of the color.
  • Step 7: Apply final layer Apply a final layer of lipstick.
  • TIP: To keep the color off your teeth, put your index finger in your mouth, pucker your lips around it, and pull it out. Excess color on the inner edges of your lips will be removed by your finger.
  • Step 8: Dab on lip gloss For shinier lips, dab on some lip gloss and, if you're feeling extra "pouty," add a little shimmery lipstick in the same family as your original color to your lower lip.
  • FACT: The winners of a recent "longest kiss" competition locked lips for a full 44 hours — talk about staying power!

You Will Need

  • Foundation
  • Some colorless lip balm
  • A nude lip liner
  • A lipstick
  • Some tissues
  • Some translucent powder
  • And a large powder brush
  • A lip-exfoliating product
  • A toothbrush
  • Some petroleum jelly
  • A lip brush
  • Some lip gloss
  • And a shimmery lipstick in the same

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