How to Cut Class

Cutting class can get you suspended, grounded, and can cause your grades to decline. But if you must do it, make sure you don't get caught.


  • Step 1: Call in sick Disguise your voice and call in sick for yourself.
  • TIP: Call in early. The earlier it is, the less suspicious it'll seem.
  • Step 2: Have a friend call in Have a friend call in sick for you while you call for them. Skipping school is more fun with a friend.
  • Step 3: Fake being sick Fake being sick and ask to see the nurse.
  • Step 4: Blame it on a flat tire Blame your absence from class on a flat tire if you drive.
  • Step 5: Stay home Have fun. Stay home, watch television all day, or hang around the mall. If you do get caught, having fun will have made it all worth it.
  • Step 6: Plead If your parents realize what you've been up to, plead with them to cover for you. If they refuse, face the consequences.
  • FACT: The high school dropout rate for 16 to 24 year olds declined from 14 percent in 1980 to 9 percent in 2007.

You Will Need

  • A friend
  • Acting skills
  • An excuse

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