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How to Buy a Kitchen Knife

Whether you're a professional chef or a part-time kitchen master, these tips will help you slice, dice, and carve with ease.


  • Step 1: Research Research the different types of knives online and choose one or two you think you'll use the most often.
  • TIP: Avoid buying large sets. Knives in large sets are usually made of lesser quality materials and sets offer too many knives for the average cook.
  • Step 2: Visit a kitchen supplies store Visit a kitchen supplies store and ask an employee to recommend brands for each type of knife you chose.
  • TIP: Professional-grade knives are more expensive but, with proper care, will last a lifetime.
  • Step 3: Test each knife Test each knife and ask to hold it before deciding. Look for comfort and a solid grip, especially with wet hands.
  • Step 4: Buy forged metal Buy a forged metal knife instead of stamped. Forged metal knives are higher quality and will last longer.
  • Step 5: Check balance Check the balance of the blade and handle. Neither should outweigh the other. Once all these criteria are met, you will have your perfect knife.
  • FACT: An industrial grade plasma cutter can heat ionized gas to over 30,000 degrees Fahrenheit and cut through 2 inches of solid steel.

You Will Need

  • A computer with internet access
  • A kitchen supplies store
  • Time

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