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How to Line Draw

"Less is more" is the idea behind line drawing. Create compelling images with this popular technique.


  • Step 1: Select object Select an object with some interesting details and set it on a surface in front of you.
  • TIP: Make sure your environment is quiet so you are able to focus and take your time when line drawing.
  • Step 2: Observe your object Study the object closely, noticing its curves, planes, and special features. Line drawing tests and stretches your eye-hand coordination.
  • Step 3: Determine a start point and begin Determine a logical starting point and begin, using clearly defined lines to make hard edges appear forward, and using softer lines for receding edges.
  • TIP: Vary pressure on the pencil to darken and lighten lines.
  • Step 4: Draw what you see Draw exactly what you see by continuing to observe your object closely. Use your artistic judgment when moving from one area to another.
  • Step 5: Create composition Create a strong composition by imagining an oval encircling the drawing and balancing your image within the space. Now, draw another object. Practice makes perfect.
  • FACT: American artist Andy Warhol, early in his career, was known for using a simple blotted line technique to create commercial art.

You Will Need

  • An object
  • A surface
  • A graphite pencil
  • Paper

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