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How to Draw Anime Girls

Unravel the artist's secret to drawing Japanese anime and you'll soon be duplicating this expressive style on your own sketch pad.


  • Step 1: Rough in the form Rough in a front view of a female form, beginning with the head and then adding the torso, limbs, hands, and feet.
  • TIP: Run a vertical line through the center of your figure as a guide to ensure body symmetry.
  • Step 2: Exaggerate the form Exaggerate the form's feminine aspects by slimming the waistline and hips, enlarging breasts, and lengthening the legs. Also, shorten the torso.
  • TIP: The larger the head, the younger your anime girl appears.
  • Step 3: Add facial features Add facial features, keeping the pointed nose and mouth small. Draw very large eyes near each side of the head. Then add ears, a pointed chin, and a thin neck.
  • Step 4: Add hair Add hair in the anime style by blocking in sections with V-tipped ends.
  • Step 5: Add clothing Add clothing appropriate to your figure's age and character. Indicate folds where the body bends with a few clean lines.
  • Step 6: Erase guidelines Erase unwanted guidelines. Now your drawing is ready for framing and you're ready to advance from anime novice to experienced artist.
  • FACT: Tezuka Osamu, a prolific post World War II artist, is revered as the father of anime.

You Will Need

  • A graphite pencil
  • Paper
  • An eraser

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