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How to Draw a Dragon

Put your imagination in high gear and you'll soon be drawing a mythical, magical fire-breathing dragon.


  • Step 1: Draw body and head Draw a sideways S to establish a side view of the dragon's body. Add an oval onto the left tip of the S for the head. Connect the right end of the S to the center point of the S to form the body.
  • TIP: Draw your basic form lightly so you can erase unwanted lines later.
  • Step 2: Add neck and tail Widen the dragon's neck by adding a line following the upper curve of the left portion of the sideways S, connecting it to the body. Draw a long triangle-shaped tail, making sure it flows from the top of the dragon's spine. Add a small triangle to the tail's tip.
  • TIP: Dragon drawings often combine invented and real animal body parts. Study reptile and bat photos, to foster ideas for creating your own original drawing.
  • Step 3: Add hindquarters, feet, and claws Lay in a vertical oval shape at the lower right edge of the body to represent hindquarters. Draw an elongated oval at the end of the hindquarters and another near the front edge of the body for feet. Add triangle shapes to the feet for claws.
  • Step 4: Add wing Draw a pointed umbrella shape originating from the dragon's mid-neck for the single wing visible from this view. It can be as large as you want, but be sure that the umbrella points downward.
  • Step 5: Add ears and facial features Draw pointed ears on each side of the dragon's head. Add eyes, nostrils, a mouth, and teeth.
  • Step 6: Erase guidelines Erase your guidelines and round out your form.
  • TIP: Apply shading to shadowed areas to add realism and depth to your drawing.
  • Step 7: Add scales, points, and fire Add scales to the dragon's chest by overlaying scallop shapes from the neck to the feet. Add a series of small triangular points along the spine.
  • Step 8: Add flames Draw fiery flames shooting from the dragon's mouth for the final fearsome touch. Now, stretch your imagination even further and create a friend for your dragon.
  • FACT: The Komodo dragon is the world's largest lizard, weighing in at up to several hundred pounds.

You Will Need

  • A graphite pencil
  • Paper
  • An eraser

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