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How to Do the Bill From Between Two Bottles Bar Trick

Also known as the "Trapped Bill Bar Trick," this simple, no-props illusion will allow you to demonstrate your amazing ability to liberate currency.


  • Step 1: Set up Place the banknote on top of one of the bottles. Make sure the bill is centered. Place the other beer bottle upside down on top of the first bottle. The bill will be "trapped" in between the two.
  • Step 2: Align Align the tops of the bottles -- this is crucial. Place your thumb and index finger underneath the bill and bend the bill up enough so you can feel the bottle tops fit together exactly.
  • Step 3: Start trick Announce that you can remove the bill without touching either bottle or causing the bottles to fall.
  • Step 4: Position left hand Hold the left edge of the bill with your left hand. Resist the urge to pull the bill out with this hand.
  • Step 5: Position right finger Place the index finger of your right hand flat on the bill, between the left edge and the bottles, bending the bill slightly downward to form a valley.
  • Step 6: Remove bill Quickly and forcefully, still holding the edge with your left hand, bring down your right index finger, hitting the valley, which will slide the bill out from between the bottles and into your left hand.
  • TIP: Practice this move repeatedly to get the speed and force of your finger just right before trying this trick in public.
  • Step 7: Reset Reset the trick and let your spectators try. No one will be able to equal your awesome bar trick skills.
  • FACT: William Shakespeare's father was an ale-tester, or "conner."

You Will Need

  • Two empty beer bottles
  • A banknote
  • One or more spectators

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